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Our Newest Articles

  • Revival In America? – Not An Option It Is A Necessity Author: Rev Michael Bresciani   Top Author
    "It will take a national revival to call God back to our side. First to forgive us, second to renew our commitment to righteousness and lastly to show our resolve to a world that is plunging in unison to..."
    In Category - Todays Issues

  • Romans Chapter 2, Verse-by-Verse Author: Karl Kemp   Top Author
    "The apostle Paul was addressing the Jews in Romans chapter 2. In Romans 1:18-31 he showed that Gentiles were sinners without excuse. In Romans 2:1-3:20 he showed that the Jews were sinners without excuse..."
    In Category - Bible Studies

  • Introduction To My E-Book, "Introduction To The Mid-Week Rapture," Part 4 Author: Karl Kemp   Top Author
    "We will discuss some of the most important verses that we need to understand: Matthew 24:15, 21, 22, and 29-31 (where we read of the abomination of desolation, followed by the short great tribulation,..."
    In Category - Bible Studies

  • More On The Blood Red Moons – The Tetrads Are Not Biblical Signs Author: Rev Michael Bresciani   Top Author
    "I don’t need to add very much to what I have already said in my articles, but three significant points should be emphatically reiterated."
    In Category - Prophecy

  • Introduction To My E-Book, "Introduction To The Mid-Week Rapture," Part 3 Author: Karl Kemp   Top Author
    "We will discuss Revelation 3:10, which probably is the most important verse that shows that true Christians will be raptured before Antichrist begins his super-evil reign in the middle of Daniel's 70th..."
    In Category - Bible Studies

  • Introduction To My E-Book, "Introduction To The Mid-Week Rapture," Part 2 Author: Karl Kemp   Top Author
    "I Thessalonians 5:1-6 and Luke 21:34-36 are the two primary passages we will discuss here in Part 2. Both of these passages (and other passages) show that the Lord Jesus is not coming for us like thief..."
    In Category - Bible Studies

  • Introduction To My E-Book, "Introduction To The Mid-Week Rapture," Part 1 (of 4 Parts) Author: Karl Kemp   Top Author
    "The purpose of this four-part article is to introduce the reader to my new e-book, "Introduction to The Mid-Week Rapture: A Verse-by-Verse Study of Key Prophetic Passages." This Introduction includes most..."
    In Category - Bible Studies

  • Four Blood Moons – Let’s Stop The Hype Author: Rev Michael Bresciani   Top Author
    "New movements, cults and those who name dates do the most damage because their utterances and their movements come and go which emboldens the scoffers and disappoints the true believers."
    In Category - Prophecy

  • Why ‘God’s Not Dead’ Is The Box-office Surprise Of 2014 Author: Rev Michael Bresciani   Top Author
    "The open exuberance for the film had peaked my interest. Why had this film caught the hearts of so many people, that friends were cheering it, critics are heralding it and writers can’t seem to wait..."
    In Category - Entertainment

  • Introduction To My E-Book, "Righteousness, Holiness, And Victory Over Sin," And Romans 1:16, 17, Part 2 Author: Karl Kemp   Top Author
    "We continue with the study of Romans 1:16, 17 here in Part 2. These verses are extremely important. The apostle Paul demonstrates that the sin problem is solved through new-covenant salvation. Instead..."
    In Category - Bible Studies

  • Introduction To My E-Book, "Righteousness, Holiness, And Victory Over Sin," And Romans 1:16, 17, Part 1 Author: Karl Kemp   Top Author
    "The purpose of this two-part article is to introduce the reader to my new e-book, "Righteousness, Holiness, and Victory Over Sin," including the Contents of the book. The last part of Part 1 and all of..."
    In Category - Bible Studies

  • Bill Maher’s Blasphemy, Childish View Of Biblical Theology And Bad Math Author: Rev Michael Bresciani   Top Author
    "Maher thought it was sporting to call God a “psychotic mass murderer” because he decided to destroy all of the ancients in a flood"
    In Category - Todays Issues

  • Expressing The Glory Of God In Daily Life Author: Freddy Davis   Top Author
    "Freddy Davis shares one aspect of expressing a Christian worldview in daily life - expressing the glory of God."
    In Category - Christian Worldview

  • America – Reaching For The Stars, While Running Out Of Space? Author: Rev Michael Bresciani   Top Author
    "Our Bibles have plenty to say about time. Two things are made abundantly clear. First, time is limited. God is ever moving, his dispensations are only meant to last for so long as he ushers man into a..."
    In Category - Todays Issues

  • The Godly Church Author: Sylvia Huffnagle   Top Author
    "The Word is balanced and if it ruled in church as it is supposed to, the devil could not deceive, push, nudge, and /or shove Christians into legalism or liberalism."
    In Category - Church Life

  • You Are A Target Author: Freddy Davis   Top Author
    "Freddy Davis discusses the attempt by evangelical Atheists to convert Christians to their Atheist faith."
    In Category - Christian Worldview

  • Apostasy Watch – Europe And U.S. Leading The Pack Author: Rev Michael Bresciani   Top Author
    "Events transpiring across the globe are piling on faster than ever before and the most well versed eschatologist may at times have a problem keeping up."
    In Category - Todays Issues

  • The Twenty First Century – Enter At Your Own Risk Author: Rev Michael Bresciani   Top Author
    "After hearing only one single answer from Bill Nye and Ken Ham’s follow-up reply the abject spiritual poverty of modern man became perfectly evident – it was blaring."
    In Category - Todays Issues

  • The Christian Worldview Basis For The Rule Of Law Author: Freddy Davis   Top Author
    "Freddy Davis shares who the rule of law comes from a Christian worldview foundation."
    In Category - Christian Worldview

  • The Sufferings Author: Ann Doupont   Top Author
    "God knows exactly what we're going through. Nothing escapes His view. He cares and will help each of us as we call to Him and believe that He hears us."
    In Category - Poetry

  • A Passion For Purity Author: Ann Doupont   Top Author
    "Each of us can either be passive about our faith and walk with the Lord or have a passion to walk with Him. This article is about being passionate to work with Him and allow Him to purify our hearts and..."
    In Category - Christian Living

  • Obama: The Climate Change Bogey-Man Is Coming To Get Us All! Author: Rev Michael Bresciani   Top Author
    "What a surprise. Here’s another worldwide crisis that can be settled with the stroke of Mr. Obama’s pen and a few phone calls."
    In Category - Politics

  • Does Homosexuality Bring Judgment? – Prophecies Of The Future Say Yes Author: Rev Michael Bresciani   Top Author
    "When the lies begin to lose mileage a new angle is introduced. LGBT began to lose ground across the nation for a while, but came back with the “born that way’ whopper."
    In Category - Prophecy

  • Knowing Where You're Going Author: Ann Doupont   Top Author
    "Most people know where they've been, but not all know where they're headed. Many are on the proverbial treadmill of life, continuing to do the same things over and over and going nowhere."
    In Category - Christian Living

  • Obama’s High Level Hypocrisy At The Annual National Prayer Breakfast Author: Rev Michael Bresciani   Top Author
    "For the purposes of this article we will simply enumerate the most outstanding hypocritical statements made by the president even while he is no doubt the most hostile president to religious freedoms that..."
    In Category - Todays Issues

  • As You Believe.... Author: Ann Doupont   Top Author
    "As we believe, and speak out of the abundance of our hearts, our lives change. With that in mind, I wrote this short writing which can be spoken out loud, making it your own."
    In Category - Christian Living

  • A Christian Worldview Look At Relationships Author: Freddy Davis   Top Author
    "Freddy Davis looks at the topic of relationships from a Christian worldview perspective and compares that with the naturalistic perspective common in modern culture."
    In Category - Christian Worldview

  • Christians – Ignore The Present Political Scene At Your Own Peril Author: Rev Michael Bresciani   Top Author
    "If we connect it to prophecies of the last days we are criticized for making dangerous predictions. If we keep it in the political realm alone; we are charged with seeing politics as a means of saving..."
    In Category - Politics

  • The Middle Road Author: Ann Doupont   Top Author
    "In these times in which we're living, there are many false teachers and prophets just like the Bible predicted there would be. Each of us needs to study and prayerfully consider what is written so they..."
    In Category - Christian Living

  • Conservatives – Let’s Dump The Foolishness And The Sleaze Author: Rev Michael Bresciani   Top Author
    "We can’t stop the rest from partying, plundering or wasting their time and energy on foolishness, but for those who see beyond the confluence of all things – or the urgency of the moment, the gravity..."
    In Category - Politics